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Since its birth in 1981, Hauptmann and Liselotte Schnell's H-L Schnellverkehr has offered unique vacation opportunities for the discerning traveller.Today, H-L Schnellverkehr (a division of Trans-Global Enterprises), offers European railway adventures for nearly every taste and budget: 

Champagne: Das Rheingold
Wine: Die Deutsche Weinstraße
Beer: Gästezug Feldschlösschen
Chocolate: Der Fliegende Holländer
No Frills: The "Flyers"

In addition to these opportunities, H-L Schnellverkehr will soon be offering the Parsifal, which will give travellers the chance to visit many of Europe's most famous cathedrals and churches. 

H-L Schnellverkehr also offers all of its patrons special discounts on the tourist trains of the Wotanbergerbahn (a division of Trans-Global Enterprises) which run through the fabled BlackForest to one of Europe's best kept secrets, the Grand Duchy of Wotanberg, as well on vacations in the Seiber Islands, and the Mustela Islands, the Wotanberger Commonwealth's "Islands in the Sun". 

For a model railroad based on H-L Schnellverkehr, click here.

For a map showing all of the routes travelled by H-L Schnellverkehr, click here.  

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