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is proud to present:

     A Model Railroad

     Based on

    H-L Schnellverkehr


Steve Hartsell of Bakersfield, California U.S.A. sent in this schematic of his model railroad based on both H-L Schnellverkehr and the Wotanbergerbahn. He promises to send us photos soon. (We hope he learns to spell "Schnellverkehr" correctly soon as well.)

To encourage Steve in his modelling efforts, we will be providing him with a life-time pass on both railroads.

For a map showing all of the routes travelled by H-L Schnellverkehr, click here.  

For schedules and reservations, contact your local travel agent or contact us.

As a proud member of the Trans-Global Enterprises ("TGE") family of companies, H-L Schnellverkehr recommends that you visit its site.