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Rothenberg am Rhein

Welcome to the Rothenberg am Rhein homepage.

Rothenberg ("Red Mountain") is located virtually in the middle of the Germany's beautiful Middle Rhine River Valley, near St. Goarshausen. Though not as famous as its nearby sister, the Lorelei, Rothenberg does have much to offer the discerning traveller including the legendary Rheintoechter ("Rhine Maidens"), St. Hubert Castle, St. Boniface Church, and Rothenberg Spaetburgunder, one of the world great wines.

The Rheintoechter are, to the casual observer perhaps, just three tower-like rocks that rise approximately 30 feet above the surface of the Rhine which form an interesting whirlpool approximately 20 feet in diameter. To the ancient Germans, however, these rocks appeared to be powerful maidens rising of the might waters of the Rhine to guard what must have been a great treasure--the legendary Rheingold. The awe inspired by the three rocks was intensified by the terror of the powerful whirlpool boiling between them, a whirlpool that could literally consume anyone unfortunate enough to come too close to the Rheintoechter. The whirlpool was, in fact, so terrifying that the ancient Romans called it "Charybdis Germania" after the sea-monster in the Odyssey.

St. Hubert Castle which stands on the summit of Rothenberg dates back to the Middle Ages. For much of its existence it has served as a priory of the Order of St. Hubert. Although a few members of the Order remain at Rothenberg's St. Hubertus Castle, most of the castle now serves as a resort and retreat, with the revenue derived therefrom used by the Order to finance its spiritual and charitable activities around the world. Although the Castle itself is an interesting and rewarding visit, what draws most visitors are its breathtaking views of the Rhine River Valley and what may be the actual "Maltese Falcon" which inspired the motion picture of the same name.

St. Boniface Church is actually the third Christian church to stand on the site. Named after the legendary missionary who brought the Gospel to the previously pagan inhabitants of Rothenberg, the Church is constructed of stone brought from the site where St. Boniface successfully challanged their pagan gods. The Church features a beautiful stature of the Virgin Mary which overlooks (and dominates) the Rheintoechter.

Rothenberg Spaetburgunder is one of a handful of German red wines. It has been produced at least since the arrival of the Romans and for centuries by a cooperative of growers (Winzergenossenschaft), now known as Winzergenossenshaft Rothenberg (am Rhein) EG.

We hope that all this has convinced you that you must visit Rothenberg. If you wish to do so, please contact H-L Schnellverkehr.