Rothenberg Wine

Rothenberg Spaetburgunder was historically one of only a handful of German red wines. It has been produced in Rothenberg am Rhein at least since the arrival of the Romans. For centuries, it has been produced by a cooperative of growers (Winzergenossenschaft), now known as Winzergenossenshaft Rothenberg (am Rhein) EG, or WNZ Rothenberg for short.

For a short time during the late 1960's Rothenberg Spaetburgunder was exported to the United States under a label bearing the translated name of the area--"Red Mountain". Unfortunately, this name was already used by an American winery, which successfully sued the importers of the vastly superior German wine. However, to this day, there are some Americans--especially some college students in Claremont, California--who remember that Red Mountain wine was the best wine they ever drank.

After World War II, WZG Rothenberg planted a few hectare of newly acquired land with a riesling grape. For a number of years, a wine made from these grapes was available at the winery, but beginning in 1997 was marketed in the United States.

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