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Weingut   Schultz

Since 1816, the Schultz family has producing wines of distinction in Biberach, Germany. Since 1950, those wines have been available to Americans through Trans-Global Enterprises.

Today, the Schultz family is proud to announce the availability of what may be the best wines it has ever produced--its 1999 Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir) and its 1999 Portugieser:



SPÄTBURGUNDER (Pinot Noir): This grape produces elegant, distinctive wines. Its small grapes ripen late. It originally came from the French province of Burgundy. Its wine is velvety, full bodied, with hints of almonds.






PORTUGIESER: This grape originally came from the Danube Valley in Austria (not Portugal). Its wine is flavourful, light, mild; a very pleasant, easy going wine.






Here is a post card from the early 1950's showing the tasting room and former Luftwaffe Colonel Wilhelm Klink, who was employed in 1948 by Hans Schultz to serve as host to the winery's wine-tastings there:

Here is another post card from the early 1950's with an endorsement from former General Albert Burkhalter: