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Gebr. McKenzie, Bierhändler

Our Motto: You'll never find a mouse in one of our beers, eh! 

Exclusive European Distributers of

In early 1988, the McKenzie Brothers (Bob and Doug) were asked by the brewers of Elsinore Beer to assume responsibility for European distribution of the beer that the motion picture Strange Brew made famous. Bob and Doug immediately contacted two of their uncles who after their retirement from the Canadian Army had started seperate (and competing) beer distributerships in Brendanberg am Rhein, Germany and Valkenburg, the Netherlands. By the end of the year, Bob and Doug had managed (with the help of Uncle Anges' old friend Vincent J. Ricardo) to consolidate these two operations as Gebr. McKenzie, Bierhändler.


From the beginning, Gebr. McKenzie, Bierhändler has specialized in bringing Canadian beers to Europe, especially its featured Elsinore Beer. Gebr. McKenzie, Bierhändler also distributes other quality beer from Europe and around the world, including Löwenbräu from Bavaria, Feldschlösschen from Switzerland, Heineken from the Netherlands, Hubertus Bräu from Austria, and Fosters from Australia. Gebr. McKenzie, Bierhändler can also special order beers from around the world for those longing for the taste of their hometown brew or one enjoyed during foreign service or travel.

Each week, Gebr. McKenzie, Bierhändler select two or more beers to be featured as "Beers of the Week." This week's featured beers are:

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