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Barataria Industries

(a proud member of the of the Trans-Global Enterprises family)

Welcome to a long-awaited update to our "public" internet home!

What is today known as Barataria Industries, Inc. was founded by one of America's most famous patriots and privateers--Jean Lafitte.  In 1834, after working his way from the Caribbean to California with his family, he started a blacksmith business in the Embarcadero de Santa Clara.  A few years later. he moved the business a mile down the Guadalupe River to what is now Alviso, California.  After his death in 1854, the business underwent many changes, expanding and eventually splitting into two separate corporations--Barataria Nautical Corp. and Barataria Aeronautical Corp.  In 1995, those two corporations were reorganized as one--Barataria Industries, Inc.--which continued to be referred simply by customers, employees, and Alvisans as "Barataria".  

After doing business in Alviso for over 150 years, it became clear that, for a variety of reasons, the interests of Barataria's stockholders and customers would be best served by moving its headquarters and other operations in Alviso to the island of Taratupa in the famed Seiber Islands.  This decision was, of course, influenced by the "Dot-Com Bubble" which increased the demand for real property in "Silicon Valley", and its value.  The price paid for Barataria's property in Alviso (whose purchasers were, perhaps, hoping to repeat the success of the Pirates of Silicon Valley) was more than enough to pay not only for relocation of all of Barataria's Alviso's operations to Taratupa, but also provide generous severance packages for employees choosing to remain in Alviso. 

I am pleased to add that the purchase price was also enough to provide for relocation of the historical Barataria Boat Works building (where the famous Quinton McHale spent some time during World War I) to Taratupa, along with other structures and artifacts.  I had also  hoped that we would have been able to relocate Vahl's Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge in Alviso to Taratupa as well, but for a number of reasons, I just have to be comforted by the fact that although Vahl's restaurant will remain in Alviso, it will also always remain Barataria's "official" restaurant and cocktail lounge in the United States.)

In closing, let me say that I hope you find your visit here informative. I trust that once you have learned all about us, you too will agree that Barataria Industries remains virtually the best manufacturing company in the world, even if we must restrict sales of our products to the Wotanberger Commonwealth, la République des Marivelles, and some of the nations on this list.

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Siegfried "Sancho" Panzer
Chairman and CEO
Barataria Industries, Inc.

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Boucanier Airplanes

Busard Amphibians

Buzzard Airplanes


Banshee Rocket System (SSM)

Basset II Rocket System (SAM)

Burro 4x4 Trucks

Bushmaster Weapons Carriers


Barracuda Patrol Boats
(Under Development)

Bat Ray High Speed Vessels

Notice:  Sale, lease, or other transfer of these products is limited to customers in the Wotanberger Commonwealth or, subject to both approval by WOCOCO and OAC, in la République des Marivelles and the nations on this list.


Battle-ax Airplanes

Beta Airplanes

Bonavista Flying Boats 

Branta Flying Boats

Buzzard Airplanes


Burro 4x4 Trucks


Blackfish Boats

High Speed Fishing Boats